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Logica provides management and IT consultancy, systems development and integration as well as outsourced management of targeted business processes. Logica creates and implements solutions for global clients that embrace the best technological solutions for tangible business results. We know our clients expect mission-critical, integrated business solutions. That’s what we deliver.

Logica LogoWe deliver groundbreaking applications and innovative IT solutions to solve some of the toughest business challenges facing global businesses today. Our solutions are:

  • Mission-critical: operating at the heart of the client’s business.
  • Value added: optimizing the use of innovative technology and expert consultancy to increase customers’ business efficiency and drive down costs while maximizing their existing ICT investments.
  • Repeatable: replicating and improving proven solutions implemented around the world, sharing best practice, setting industry standards and offering competitive advantage to clients.

Logica focuses on differentiated, value-added activities critical to the business success of our clients. We provide companies with a competitive advantage through the adoption of the following core strengths:

  • strategic consultancy,
  • systems integration,
  • project management,
  • products, and
  • support services such as business process outsourcing

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