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HP OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) is a comprehensive network management solution helping users discover which IP devices are connected and communicating on the network. Once logical device connectivity is discovered and displayed in HP OpenView, it polls the devices at regular intervals to determine their status. If a device is down, NNM generates an alarm (an SNMP trap) to draw attention to the fact that a device has gone down so that actions can be performed to correct the status.

HP OpenView Platinum Business PartnerVisionael collects the logical network data generated by HP OpenView, organizes it, and adds physical information about all devices on the network from the desktop out to the WAN. Visionael’s Network Audit™ offering, which adds autodiscovery, collection and validation/reconciliation of topology (logical connectivity) to Visionael NRM’s long-standing discovery of physical network device data, can supplement the discovery in OpenView and other logical fault managers to ensure greater data accuracy and integrity in the Visionael NRM Repository. The combination of Visionael and HP capabilities provides users with visibility and access to both logical and physical aspects of the network for complete network management from a single console.

Customers can further leverage these technologies through integration of HP OpenView and Visionael NRM with trouble ticketing/workforce management/help desk applications such as the Action Request System from BMC/Remedy, or emerging capabilities in HP’s ServiceDesk, as described in the diagram below, to reduce the cost of their fault diagnosis and technician deployment activities by as much 40%.

  • Visibility of both logical and physical aspects of the network
  • Faster problem identification and resolution
  • Proactive impact analysis of troubled devices
  • Auto-validation and synchronization of network documentation
  • Fast and efficient knowledge exchange

Visionael NRM helps customers reduce the impact of network outages by locating and repairing failed devices up to 30% faster than other methods.

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