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Remedy delivers Service Management software solutions that enable organizations to align internal and external service and support processes to business goals. More than 10,000 customers worldwide, from small and mid-sized businesses to global enterprises, have chosen their IT Service Management and Customer Service and Support software to automate their support processes, improve service levels, manage assets, and lower costs.
As part of BMC Software, Remedy’s highly flexible, best-practice applications enable enterprise-wide Business Service Management, and allow customers to easily adapt to unique and changing requirements.

Customer benefits of Visionael-Remedy product integration:

  • Network operations staff can produce an automatically-populated trouble ticket for a downed device
  • Impact analysis reports can be attached to trouble ticket so those impacted can be notified
  • Help desk and tech support people have direct visibility into physical network documentation to locate devices

Visionael’s Remedy integration cartridge provides seamless bi-directional integration between Visionael NRM and their AR System. Users may launch the AR System to create trouble tickets that are pre-filled with accurate, timely information about the network installation. From AR System, users may launch Visionael NRM to immediately determine the physical location of a device and produce a detailed graphical view of the device with all of its network connections.

The value is multiplied when Visionael and Remedy are integrated with a logical fault management system, as shown in the diagram below.

BMC Remedy - Visionael Integration

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