Enhanced Telecom Operations Map – eTOM


Term definition of the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map

eTOM is defined as Enhanced Telecom Operations Map. The business process structure is an operating design framework for telecommunications companies in the telecom sector. This version explains the basic business service operations of service companies, but also specifies key components and how they need to be engaged.

eTOM Best Practices Framework: Enhanced Telecom Operations MapThis Business Process Framework is a staple managed by the TM Forum, an organization for service provider companies in addition to their distributors in the telecom sector.

The growth of the business process systemization for telecommunications service provider businesses began with the beginning of the TM Forum in 1988. The first objective was to promote the development of inter-operable network management products. The initial standard was the ‘OSI/NM Forum Protocol Requirements, a broadening of OSI procedures established beginning in the late 1970s.

What is the Business Process Framework?

Business process framework is an ordered directory of the vital organizational procedures needed to run a service-focused company. At the theoretical level, the structure has three significant areas, mirroring significant focuses within common business:

The eTOM framework was established to draw up the processes entailed at a business level.The eTOM Map functions as a plan for how a telecom firm can incorporate these procedures in order to effectively compete via the execution a company process driven approach. This road-map begins at the high level process view and then utilizes an ordered framework to break down each procedure in unison with where they occur inside the business.

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