Operational Support System

What is an Operational Support System?

The definition of an operational support system is a group of applications which support communications services suppliers keep track of, manage, Operational Support Systemevaluate and control a phone or pc network. As the standard voice phone systems combines with packet-oriented net traffic including VoIP, broadband applications like tele-conferencing and DSL, sophisticated programs such as an operational support system are required actions including ordering and monitoring network elements which includes IP addresses, utilization as well as visitor traffic patterns, invoicing and reporting.

The more recent development of new broadband and VoIP programs, allows operational support systems and network management to be utilized in residential networks.

Inexpensive and straightforward OSS integration by means of automated customer interfaces is a strategic challenge for telecoms and ISP companies.

The 4 essential operational support system components include the following:

  • Processes
  • Data
  • Applications
  • Technology

In the past, OSS and BSS had a clearer separation. A frequent task such as capturing a consumer order and processing it needed a straightforward BSS-to-OSS interface. Delivering items to consumers. BSS would obtain the purchase orders, set-up the invoicing and move the order to OSS for fulfillment.

Networks and benefits are far more complex, far more versatile, and telecommunications companies provide a selection of different items. OSS and BSS need to collaborate over what could be purchased by the consumer, dependent on what support they currently had, based on the network they would utilize, on existing accessible assets, based on exactly the distance they were from the phone exchange. Supplying consumer services is now a negotiation among the business merchandise managed by BSS and the capability of OSS (and the local networks to supply specific items.

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Operational Support Systems (OSS) Fulfillment?


This short article delves in to the functions of the operational support systems and business support systems in today’s ever changing marketplace. Both play an important role in the telecommunications industry’s evolution as well as in the role of technology.

What are Operational Support Systems?

Operational support systems are software programs and sometimes computer hardware applications that assist workplace actions and operate a telco’s network, provision and sustain client services.

Visionael Operational Support Systems - OSS FulfillmentAn operational support system (OSS) is a confluence of computer applications or an IT system employed by communications services companies for overseeing, controlling, interpreting and managing a computer or telecom network program. OSS is historically utilized by network planners, services architects, operations, support, and engineering organizations in the services supplier. More and more product managers and senior personnel beneath the CTO or COO could also utilize or depend on Operational Support Services in many circumstances.

Simple term definition of Business Support Systems (BSS)

BSS refers to the order taking, payment responsibilities, and income. It is the foundation for four mechanisms: product management, order management, revenue management and customer management.

OSS and BSS programs in the marketplace

Service fulfillment is an essential cog in an operator’s procedural approach. It causes an avalanche of OSS/BSS program and procedure hand-offs which all have to take place appropriately for a satisfying client experience. Business support systems (BSS) are the elements that a telecommunications services (or telco) makes use of to run its company operations in the direction of clients. Collectively with operations support systems (OSS), they are employed to help different end-to-end telecommunication providers.

The telecommunications sector is dealing with demands for capacity and performance that can only be realized with new virtual networking strategies. These methods will coexist with classic networking in a crossbred environment for the near term. To be successful with these unique networks, you are required to trade standard OSS fulfillment and assurance stacks for a far more supple method to operations and corroborative programs.

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