What is the Advanced Discovery Manager?

Part of the Visionael Network Communication Manager framework, Advanced Discovery Manager (NCM/DM) is a sophisticated network discovery and documentation software solution that delivers an accurate, complete real-time inventory of network devices and connectivity.Visionael OSS Suite

This automated approach for discovering and documenting IT assets identifies network equipment and resources “in-service” and exposes hidden network and infrastructure capacity. The discovered information allows customers to achieve significant cost savings — immediate as well as ongoing.

With NCM/Advanced Discovery Manager, Visionael customers can:

  • Reduce investments in network equipment by better utilizing existing assets
  • Lower network equipment maintenance costs by accurately identifying equipment in service
  • Increase network security through detection of out-of-process or unplanned network changes
  • Reduce costs and effort associated with manual network audits
  • True-up deployments against planned network change
  • Provide frequent and regularly scheduled updates to maintain the accuracy of the network inventory over time

Customers can have an accurate and detailed inventory of network assets, rich network documentation for better network support and planning, and clear views of available and under-utilized network assets.

The detailed view of any discovery is completely open and available to any third-party application by way of APIs on the Visionael Enterprise Service Bus.