Industry Proven Software  Drives New User Productivity with Shortened Training Cycle.

Network Resource Manager (NRM 10) brings intelligent network design right to your fingertips. NRM 10 displays the menus and tools necessary for a user to do the job at handmaking network design no more complicated than using industry standard drawing tools. Context aware GUI’s guide users quickly through the design process. All menus and available actions are also context aware. NRM steps you confidently through the design workflow. Now network design is so easy to learn and easy to use. This enables your total organization to cost effectively track your resources and “KNOW YOUR NETWORK”.

Management of physical objects:

NRM 10 gives you full control over the physical infrastructure:

  • Room definitions as regions
  • Raceways
  • Cables
  • Connection points in rooms
  • Racks standalone or in groups along a bay line
  • Equipment standalone or in rack

Using an existing floor plan drawing and importing it into NRM 10, you can define rooms, rows of racks and raceways, all in correct scale and elevation. Adding equipment and cables is easy as NRM 10 will assist in placing cables in raceways and connecting ports. In fact, NRM’s intelligent business rules engine supports your operations preventing you from making costly mistakes. Designers and users are prevented from placing network elements in unsuitable locations . For example, NRM will only allow you to connect the right type of cable to a particular port. What is often a complex process is now simplified and made easy.

 Management of logical objects:

NRM 10 enables full control over the logical infrastructure, such as nodes and circuits. You can create you network design in abstraction, which is especially useful for long-term planning. Later, you can either keep the design in abstract form, for cases where you do not manage the physical infrastructure, or you can associate your logical components with the real-world physical components and have true and accurate knowledge to “Know your Network”.

 Discover and reconcile your network

Using Visionael Discovery to reconcile the design increases inventory accuracy. Inventory accuracy is invaluable for troubleshooting, customer impact analysis, as well as strategic planning. The Visionael Network Communication Manager – Advanced Discovery Manager (NCM/DM) finds your network elements and performs discovery on the physical, logical and operational aspects using its extensive library of element specifications. NCM/DM provides a knowledge base of standard and proprietary SNMP MIBs to fetch and store vendor specific information. The distributed and intelligent discovery process transforms all discovered data into a correlated network representation providing a normalized view of the current network state. The details in this view are completely open and available to any third-party application by way of APIs on the Visionael Enterprise Service Bus.

Heat, space and power – Keys aspects of your network

Your network infrastructure is constrained by more than just ports and bandwidth. Heat output, physical space and power consumption are key aspects for network planning. NRM provides reporting capabilities that allow you to keep track of these items on chassis, rackroom or site basis. You can know in advance that you are approaching a limitation and then plan accordingly.

 Spares Management:

Managing spare inventory can save organizations time and money by optimizing the parts the company already owns. As the operations staff works to keep the network equipped for business, the system effortlessly supports the process-driven practices of both field technicians and managers, maintaining inventory required by today’s standards of service assurance. This optional module provides tools to take inventory; and track and manage spare part flow in and out of Visionael Network Resource Manager. Built on browser-based interfaces and integrated into Network Resource Manager, Spares Management supplies a centralized repository of spare network equipment, organizing spares across an unlimited set of warehouses, rooms, depots and trucks.

With a broad range of sophisticated features that support field technicians and depot managers in the replacement and requisition of parts for the production network, Spares Management fits neatly into the operations segment of the inventory life cycle. Spares Management operates seamlessly with Visionael Studio , enabling operations personnel to find and deploy the proper spare quickly and easily. In addition, when a card or chassis is swapped out, the new card maintains all the default connectivity in the as-built—this saves engineers substantial time in not having to manually recreate the connectivity. The “hot swap” is speedy, accurate and effortless.

 Features & Benefits of Spares Management

  • Process-driven approach to keeping inventory ready for emergency deployment by field personnel
  • Web-based user interface optimizes field access
  • Integrated mechanism for equipment commissioning and decommissioning
  • Chassis and card “swaps” that maintain connectivity
  • Complete ability to seek out available spares from depot location.

 Enterprise Service Bus

All of Visionael API’s and EMS Adapters are exposed and well documented allowing any system within your OSS environment to use data residing in the Visionael products, minimizing the integration tax. No internal API’s are needed.

Visionael Device Library

The Visionael Device Library handles all equipment object definitions for all entities used in Visionael Network Resource Manager for designs. The Device Library stores all physical and technical definitions plus all logical definitions, plus any business logic definitions that define rules of usage in designs. Finding the right device is quick and simple because an experienced and dedicated Visionael library team pre-populates and updates the Device Library. You may also utilize the templates and simply define your own device if you have special requirements.

 OSS and Service Fulfillment simplified

The Visionael OSS Service Fulfillment Suite is designed for cost-effective deployment by operators and systems integrators. Visionael OSS provides an alternative to traditional costly/time consuming solutions and a significant improvement over manual management methods. Easy to learn, your teams can be productive in weeks not months. Integration to other systems like CRM, trouble ticket or Order Entry is simple with our flexible Enterprise Service Bus – a set of public APIs. Fast time to value delivered. The Visionael OSS Suite is a proven solution in use by operators and MSP’s around the world.