Benefits of the Visionael Service Manager.

Service Manager offers unprecedented automation of manual processes and repetitive tasks associated with the creation and provisioning of specific Next Gen services decreasing the reliance on expert engineers at every stage in the fulfillment process. Working in concert with Visionael NRM and NCM/DM, Service Manager delivers the ability for service fulfillment from a service catalog and IT service management solutions.Visionael OSS Suite

Dynamic next generation service catalogs

Service Manager allows you to create dynamic next generation service catalogs with intuitive provisioning workflows.

Seamlessly integrate with other business systems using the Visionael Enterprise Service Bus for fast ROI.

User defined hierarchical catalogs with reusable components

Inspired by the TM Forum SID model, Visionael Service Manager (SM) provides an open model for definition of re-usable resources, services and products. Entities and their life cycle actions are “parent agnostic” and can be wired together in hierarchies to provide rich and intuitive service offerings.

Life cycle actions bound to level of abstraction

Catalog components, such as resources, services and products, are extended with life cycle operations that define how they may be created, updated and discontinued as part of any complex provisioning orders.

Fine-grained business rules provide intelligent order decomposition

Life cycle actions allow for fine-grained business rules to control the propagation and logic by which orders are decomposed and handled. Metrics such as cost, SLA, delivery time, or QoS can all be taken into consideration automatically by the provisioning process leveraging user defined rules.