Facts about the Visionael Service Orchestrator

Service Orchestrator provides a single integration point for all OSS applications and Visionael has addressed these challenges with a unique product, Service Orchestrator, to create efficient provisioning and delivery processes.

The challenge of service provider resource management

Service providers often have several inventories responsible for different aspects of their networks. Typically these inventories all have varying levels of support for resource management and life cycle semantics, such as transactions, and their API’s are often legacy in nature.Visionael OSS Suite

Deploying provisioning processes on top of these systems can be very complex and error-prone because the limited capabilities in these systems require more life cycle logic to be handled by the clients.

Tightly integrated with Visionael NRM, Service Orchestrator allows service providers to form a common integration point for all applications that depend on resources maintained in other systems, such as pure service delivery platforms, or designated network management applications.

Business logic related to the life cycle of these resources are centralized providing a set of homogenous API’s for all stakeholders of the resources. Allocation logic only has to be managed in one place, rather in all systems that work with the resources.

True understanding of the resources and their importance

To carry out successful delivery, on time, any provisioning solution requires that the network resources it works with are available. Network inventories often have good understanding of what a resource network is, but not its importance in any provisioning process. Service Orchestrator can be used to set lower boundaries for when to alarm on a pre-determined utilization level of resources such as ports or bandwidth consumption.