Know Your Network – Inside and Out®

Map, plan, design and manage your entire fiber optic network with a powerful and innovative solution: Network Resource Manager from Visionael integrated with GIS-based Fiber Manager from Schneider Electric.

Are you worn out from managing your next-generation telecommunications network with last-generation tools? A surprising number of companies are still documenting their networks with antiquated systems. Often critical information is stored in multiple systems, in different formats — CAD drawings, spreadsheets, Visio® diagrams — spread out across their enterprise. Or worse, they rely on human memory, and all that vital information about their network assets will walk out the door when those valued employees leave.

A more efficient way to look at your network

Managing your Inside Plant (ISP) infrastructure and your Outside Plant (OSP) fiber optic network from an integrated solution is a critical advantage for business decision-making and network operations. Whether you are planning future system expansion or trying to the determine the impacts of an outage, you need accurate information that’s mapped to your physical network.

The combined solution of Visionael’s NRM and Schneider Electric’s Fiber Manager allows you to know your network inside and out, from both a physical and logical perspective. During an outage, time is critical. The optical distance data stored in Fiber Manager can precisely pinpoint the location of the outage or trouble area in your network, while the logical circuit data in Network Resource Manager can provide all the relevant information regarding the circuits and services impacted by the outage.

Fiber is the core component of high-speed broadband communications networks required for the SmartGrid and fiber to the home (FTTH, FTTx) and other advance networks. “This combined offering from Schneider Electric and Visionael not only allows users to expand into new service opportunities, plus it also maximizes revenue potential by providing users with an up-to-date, accurate view of network assets and available bandwidth,” said Diane Wallace, CEO Visionael.


About Visionael

Visionael® Corporation provides “plug and play” network management software suite that enables telecommunications service providers, network outsourcers, enterprises and government organizations to visualize, optimize and automate mission critical networks and next generation services with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

About Schneider Electric

GTM Research recently called Schneider “one of the most integrated and comprehensive network solutions providers”. Fiber Manager is an extension of Schneider Electric’s ArcFM, which is based on the Esri ArcGIS® platform. ArcFM provides a graphical, data-rich environment that displays the information utilities need for maximum reliability and efficiency. Developed as a complete enterprise solution for an entire organization, ArcFM offers a map-centric, intuitive way to model, design, maintain, and manage facility and land base information.