What is Visionael Cloud OSS?

Visionael Cloud OSS or v-cloud is the industry leading cloud based service fulfillment application service. V-cloud delivers Tier 1 grade service fulfillment capabilities including network discovery and reconciliation, planning & design, capacity management, problem resolution, network lifecycle management, and service provisioning all via the cloud. You get all of the benefits of a state of the art OSS suite without the pain and cost of implementing and maintaining it.

V-cloud replaces your current “static” process (spreadsheets) or costly legacy applications with a “dynamic”, standards based solution that will give you instant visibility to your network and immediately help you to reduce operating costs as well as improve customer responsiveness.

How does it work?

The v-cloud service utilizes an on-site agent that discovers your network and securely relays the information to the client specific central repository. Web GUI’s allow users to manage the data, optimize the network, feed other systems and create reports. There is no need to worry about managing upgrades and integrations. It is all handled for you as part of the service and it is easy to get started. You can be operational within 1 week’s time.

What can v-cloud do for me?

V-cloud will give you more control over your network and allow you to run it more effectively and efficiently. It will do this at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

The benefits include:

  • Improved Asset Management (minimize stranded assets and maintenance costs)
  • Minimize problem resolution time (In-depth network visibility)
  • Fast Identification of customers affected by equipment failures (linkage between device, service, customer)
  • Disaster Recovery (preserve last known network layout)
  • Improved Time-to-Market for services (faster build-outs and process automation)

Frequently Asked Questions about Visionael Cloud OSS

1. Is the system proven?

Yes. The system was built to support the needs of Tier One service providers and has been used by many of the most well known providers for many years. The delivery of the application service and pricing models have been significantly adjusted to fit smaller organizations.

2. Can I try the service?

Yes. We do offer a 30-day trial period for the service.

3. Can I integrate v-cloud with my internal applications?

Yes. We offer very cost effective integration services that leverage our ESB based application for quick and efficient implementations.

4. How do I migrate information from my existing systems into V-cloud?

We offer a migration service that leverages the v-cloud data loader.

5. How long does it take to get the service up and running?

We can get most clients up and running within 1 week depending upon the data migration and integration requirements that a client has.

For additional information please visit:

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  2. Modular Components are Key in the Visionael v-cloud

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What people are saying…

Physical Resource Management

Physical Resource Management
“Visionael replaces passive applications such as Visio and
excel and allows me to actively manage my infrastructure”

Logical Resource Management

Logical Resource Management
“Simple yet powerful tool to manage the logical elements
of my switched/routed networks “

Discovery Reporting & Analytics

Discovery Reporting & Analytics
“Incredibly fast discovery and reporting provides me
with the information I need to make better decisions”