Visionael v-cloud offers a state of the art, standards-based set of modular components, OSS solution delivered with the flexibility and simplicity of software-as-a-service

Key Modular Components essential part of the Visionael v-cloud

Visionael v-cloud is comprised of a standards based set of modular components that can be quickly implemented to provide value throughout the service fulfillment process.

Visionael v-cloud leverages advanced discovery and ESB techniques to simplify the process of integrating to data sources and external systems.

V-cloud modular componentsFor years Service Providers have longed for the ability to fully automate their service fulfillment process. Automating this process can bring significant cost savings and speed gains, all while reducing the error rates brought about by manual entry errors. Unfortunately, more times than not they were disappointed with the high cost and effort required to achieve these goals.

History has also shown that in a great many of instances the time taken to implement the solution far exceeded their expectations. Visionael studied these cases and found that the biggest factor for the shortfall was the absence of a technology platform that supported their architectural and business needs. What was required for success was a COTS based solution, built to play in the Web 2.0 environment, which supported TMF standards, and was “plug & play”.

Based on these requirements Visionael built v-cloud. V-cloud is the industry’s first cloud based OSS solution based on modular components.

V-cloud unlocks the value of proactively managing your network and automating your service fulfillment process

“Lights-out-Provisioning” is the goal that every service provider ascribes to. To be able to eliminate the manual nature of fulfilling service requests creates great value for an operator. Value that can be measured in reduced operating costs, improved cycle times, and reduced error rates. This requires a system that is architecturally built for all of these functions.

Fortunately Visionael has created a solution that supports these important goals and they can be provided via the Visionael v-cloud service. The suite V-Cloud reduce service fulfillmentof products is completely standards based, modeled after TMF’s eTom Model. The suite is also Web 2.0 compliant enabling multiple service models including delivery via the cloud.

The solution is built for “plug and play” usage with its own modular components as well as third party applications via its ESB integration adaptors. To top it off, there is an advanced discovery framework that provides for easy connection to data sources such as EMS systems. Visionael has complemented this solution set with the industry leading migration methodology, “Express”, which enables radically fast migration from the common legacy tools on the market, such as Telcordia Granite, Amdocs, Cramer, Metasolv, and Clarity.

Whether you are starting with a legacy system or no system at all Visionael offers you a path to improved operating performance through the use of the v-cloud service.

The v-cloud service is modular so it all or a portion of the service can be utilized to meet your needs. Just take a look…

Visionael Network Resource Manager

Visionael’s Network Resource Manager (NRM) is a scalable system for collaborative network design and network-aware process and project support. NRM includes all of the tools necessary to capture and maintain a comprehensive database of network infrastructure — the Visionael Repository. NRM is the essential foundation for the effective management of services for inventory-based provisioning.

Network Communication Manager: Discovery

Part of the Visionael Network Communication Manager framework, Discovery Manager (NCM/DM) is a sophisticated network discovery and documentation software solution that delivers an accurate, complete real-time inventory of network devices and connectivity.

Converged Provider Case StudyVisionael Service Manager

Service Manager offers unprecedented automation of manual processes and repetitive tasks associated with the creation and provisioning of specific Next Gen services decreasing the reliance on expert engineers at every stage in the fulfillment process. Working in concert with Visionael NRM, Service Manager delivers the ability for service fulfillment from a service catalog and IT service management perspective.

Network Communication Manager: Activation

Activation Manager (NCM/AM) automates and eliminates errors in network activation and streamlines the time and effort it takes to create network activations for new and on-going service offerings.

Visionael v-cloud provides you with a path to the future

Visionael v-cloud offers you unprecedented power and flexibility to quickly begin experiencing the benefits of a web 2.0 OSS solution. Not only will v-cloud allow you to experience benefits quickly, but it also provides you with a “future proof” solution. You can be assured that as your business and technical surroundings change that v-cloud will adapt to meet your needs.

If you are interested in understanding how the Visionael v-cloud solution can be used in your particular situation we offer a “Discovery Day” trial. This trial, performed free of charge will enable us to quickly provide you with a chance to experience the power & simplicity of v-cloud.

You can then compare the benefits and costs associated with maintaining your legacy systems vs. the cost of moving to a modern, standards based, future proof solution.

We believe that you deserve a choice and we look forward to providing you with one.

Download: Visionael v-cloud (pdf)