What is NFV?

Delivering “Services-as-a-Service”: Automated Service Provisioning Leveraging Virtual & Legacy Infrastructure via virtualized OSS Software

The vision goes something like this. Customer service orders come in via a self-service portal and the service provisioning process is quickly started with a few simple keystrokes by a non-technical help desk individual. Instantly commands are sent to the appropriate individuals or systems to align the proper resources and make the service available. Confirmations are sent to the customer and the service is provisioned.

With the movement toward Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and the availability of next generation service abstraction and provisioning tools from Visionael, this vision is quickly becoming a reality. Virtualization is changing the way that communication networks function, unlocking the ability to simplify network architectures and the OSS systems that support them.

The benefits include faster time-to-market of new services, better network utilization, reduced operating costs, as well as reduced error rates.

v-cloud enables the benefits of NFV by providing a service abstraction layer that dynamically decomposes both virtual and physical infrastructure


Visionael v-cloud: Serving up “Services-as-a-Service”

In order to deliver “services-as-a-service” you first need to be able to have an accurate real-time representation of your network. To do this, you need to capture the salient physical, logical and virtual states and relationships. This is where Visionael Network Communications Manager (NCM) and Network Resource Manager (NRM) come into play.

NCM constantly polls the network for changes and reconciles changes in the NRM database. Within NRM, physical and logical representations of the network are rendered for planning and analysis purposes. Visionael Service Manager (SM) pulls data from NRM or any legacy database and creates an abstracted service representation. SM simplifies the provisioning process and enables quick and error free provisioning of services through the use of intelligent workflows that interface with the surrounding systems.

The suite of products is completely standards based, modeled after TMF’s eTom Model. The suite is also Web 2.0 compliant enabling multiple deployment models including delivery via the . The solution is built for “plug and play” usage with its own modules as well as third party applications via its ESB integration adaptors. To top it off, the advanced discovery framework provides for easy connection to data sources such as EMS systems.

Whether you are provisioning direct internet services, Layer 2 & 3 VPNs, VPLS, IP Transit or managing CPE devices, v-cloud provides you with the ability to deliver these services across Ethernet, wireless or optical technologies in a simpler, faster and less error prone way.

Virtualized service management is at your fingertips.

Visionael Network Resource Manager

Visionael’s Network Resource Manager (NRM) is a scalable system for collaborative network design and network-aware process and project support. NRM includes all of the tools necessary to capture and maintain a comprehensive database of network infrastructure — the Visionael Repository. NRM is the essential foundation for the effective management of services for inventory-based provisioning.

Network Communication Manager: Discovery

Part of the Visionael Network Communication Manager framework, Discovery Manager (NCM/DM) is a sophisticated network discovery and documentation software solution that delivers an accurate, complete real-time inventory of network devices and connectivity

Visionael Service Manager

Service Manager offers unprecedented automation of manual processes and repetitive tasks associated with the creation and provisioning of specific Next Gen services decreasing the reliance on expert engineers at every stage in the fulfillment process. Working in concert with Visionael NRM, Service Manager delivers the ability for service fulfillment from a service catalog and IT service management perspective.

Network Communication Manager: Activation

Activation Manager (NCM/AM) automates and eliminates errors in network activation and streamlines the time and effort it takes to create network activations for new and on-going service offerings.

Visionael v-cloud offers a path to the future by leveraging your past investments.

  • Visionael v-cloud offers you unprecedented power and flexibility to quickly begin experiencing the benefits of NFV.
  • Since v-cloud is modular you can deploy the components in a private cloud that leverage your legacy systems to begin to receive the benefits without major disruption.
  • v-cloud delivers “provisioning services-as-a-service” so you do not have to worry about adding additional infrastructure complexity and costs.
  • If you are interested in understanding how the Visionael v-cloud solution can be used in your particular situation we offer a “Discovery Day” trial. This trial, performed free of charge will enable us to quickly provide you with a chance to experience the power & simplicity of v-cloud.
  • You can then chart your path to realizing the benefits of NFV while leveraging your existing investments and limiting your infrastructure costs.

If you are looking for a pragmatic path to the future we look forward to showing you v-cloud.

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