The Visionael OSS Suite of products solves today’s OSS challenges with fast ROI and low integration tax.

The Visionael OSS Suite of proucts is a unique set of modern OSS products that address network operator challenges within Discovery, Network Inventory and Management, Resource Management, Service Provisioning and Network Activation. Product scopes and boundaries are heavily influenced by the TM Forum and the Business Process Framework (eTOM) to smoothly integrate and powerfully enable operations in modern NGOSS environments.

The Visionael OSS Suite consists of:

Network Communications Manager / Advanced Discovery Manager
NRM 10 – Network Resource Manager
Service Orchestrator
Service Manager

Fast incremental ROI

Visionael OSS Suite of products deliver ROI quickly because they can be deployed incrementally as individual products to solve very specific business problems. You can complete your first Visionael Discovery and gain important network insights even before you’ve deployed Visionael’s inventory module. Resources can be defined and managed in Resource Orchestrator before service catalogs are defined. Define your problems, and focus on solving them one at a time without massive dependencies, that’s our philosophy.

Completely independent – yet completely integrated

To integrate seamlessly with third party systems in real-life OSS environments, the Visionael OSS products haveVisionael OSS Suite been designed to have clear scopes and provide a rich set of open API’s. There is no “internal” integration between the Visionael products. All integration is carried out by public APIs over the Enterprise Service Bus. You can easily create powerful, integrated solutions using these APIs too. We consider our applications state of the art within their respective domains, but are fully aware of how complex, heterogenous, OSS environments may require us to co-exist peacefully.

The Visionael OSS Suite is not another broad, lightweight network management solution with a rudimentary understanding of networks. The Visionael OSS Suite consists of service provider grade products with deep understanding of next-generation networks and services. The fully-customizable service catalog in Service Manager allow network operators to deliver consumer services “en mass” with complete flow through provisioning and in parallel with complex corporate service roll-outs that demand engineering guidance.

Visionael Advanced Discovery Manager and Activation Manager rely on the Network Communication Management framework which is a completely distributed architecture based on an intelligent planning engine that carries out secure and efficient discovery and activation even in multi-layer tier-1 networks. Customization not tied to core product versioning Service providers and other network operators depend on fast time-to-value, quick deliveries and accurate resource utilization. An integrated and efficient BSS and OSS environment is an OSS requirements and setup that makes defining and delivering new, appealing service offers difficult.

Because all Visionael products provide SOA API’s on an ESB, OSS engineers can now create local customizations or workflows in the service catalog independent from any versioning control of the core product. You can evolve your Visionael products with confidence knowing your customizations will continue to operate correctly with little to no modification.

Additionally, you can use our comprehensive workflow engine, Visionael Systems Orchestrator, or integrate with any other workflow engine already present. Workflows can incorporate asynchronous integration calls to third-parties (such as leased line orders) and for human interactions (such as a CPE installation by an engineer).

True SOA with Visionael Enterprise Service Bus

The Visionael OSS Suite introduces well-defined product boundaries, all encapsulated in rich API’s published over the Visionael Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The ESB allows for API exposure over a myriad of protocols and technologies, such as web services or Java® Remote Method Invocation (RMI).

OSS Simplified

A low integration tax delivered through the ESB and fast ROI are key to Visionael’s success. For network operators and systems integrators, the Visionael OSS Suite provides an alternative to traditional costly and time consuming solutions and provides a significant improvement over manual management methods.

pdficon_sm2The Visionael OSS Suite Datasheet (pdf.file)