Visionael Customer Education

Training is the Key to Success

To obtain maximum value from the Visionael OSS Fulfillment Suite, NFV or IoT solution, users need to understand both the application and its extensive capabilities. Visionael customer education and training provides administrative, user and management staff the opportunity to become immediately productive. Our experienced training staff emphasizes the mechanics of product operation and the many options plus  how  Visionael’s OSS solution can be integrated with your organization’s processes to achieve maximum benefit.Visionael Customer Education

Training classes can be scheduled at our Tulsa, Oklahoma training facility or at Customer site. Contact your Visionael account manager for current pricing information.

Project Team Roles

Visionael training addresses the skills required to successfully execute the roles that comprise a standard Visionael implementation. For any implementation a single user may execute one or more roles, depending on the project team size. The combination of roles is unique to each company and not every role is required for every project.

Visionael Training Courses

Courses are tailored to the skills required by specific Visionael project team roles. Course delivery schedules are arranged by the demand of the user community. Additional courses can be scheduled upon request.


Please contact the Visionael Account Manager for price quotes.

Payment Method

Visionael Training requires a purchase order (PO); wire transfer of funds; or a company check for student tuition. Payment required no later than the Friday prior to the scheduled training class.


When a student enrolls in Visionael Training in Tulsa and the student must cancel for any reason, Visionael requires at least seven (7) days written notice. Failure to cancel within these seven days is subject to a 50% cancellation fee. If the student reschedules for the next available class and attends that class, cancellation fees are waived.

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