Visionael and the Government Agency

Agencies across all levels of the government agency, including those involved in public safety, are turning to networking technologies to increase inter-agency and inter-jurisdictional collaboration and productivity, and to cut costs. In order to protect the integrity of these information resources, these networks must be carefully managed and secured. In times of threat and peril, vendors serving government agencies must provide robust solutions of the highest integrity, backed by years of experience and trust.

Government AgencyVisionael is widely used by the United States Federal Government, including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of State, and Intelligence agencies.

If your network is not fully documented, your network is at risk. “Fully documented” means an accurate, real-time inventory view not only of topology – the logical connectivity of everything in your network – but also the detailed physical configuration of each device. So you know precisely which devices are in service, their IP connectivity and where each is located (building/floor/bay/rack). Importantly, the core component of this full-featured, user-friendly system is security. Only authorized users can access the portion(s) of the network for which they are authorized, and you can provide selective visibility on a user-by-user basis into designs and workflow status to ensure process integrity.

Business Benefits:

  • Supports complete and positive control of all network assets into one central repository, thus ensuring network integrity and accreditation
  • Can be deployed to develop and implement your Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Supplements detection of both intrusion and unauthorized moves/adds/changes within your network