Facts about Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers need to acquire new customers quickly while containing resources and costs. Thereafter, the network life cycle needs to be supported as cost-effectively as possible.

White Paper

pdficon_sm Winning the High-Stakes Game of Enterprise Network Outsourcing – PDF: 125KB

Reducing Risk and Building Confidence with Network Asset Management Solutions

Visionael OSS Suite scales to handle multiple networks, including data and voice. You can accurately map the customer’s network through auto discovery of the assets (both physical and topology) while providing faster, higher quality network maintenance. Speed time to repair by correlating logical alarms with physical inventory and have the confidence to meet SLAs consistently.

Optional Customer Segment Management enables outsourcers to manage individual customer’s networks independently through a single data repository and with a common device library.

Business Benefits:

  • Replace costly manual audits with auto-discovery of physical devices and logical connectivity
  • Dramatically reduce the time required to transition customer’s network from internal to outsourcer control: slash your time to revenue (TTR)
  • Recover and re-deploy unused network assets, increase port utilization: industry average 30-40%; with Visionael: 60+%
  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by up to 40% through detailed documentation integrated with service assurance and help desk

Case Studies

pdficon_sm2 IT Outsourcer/Financial Services – PDF: 51.1KB

Leading IT Outsourcer Quickly Streamlines a Major Bank’s North American Network Using Visionael Network Resource Manager

pdficon_sm2 IT Outsourcer/Financial Services – PDF: 53KB

Leading Global Communications Outsourcer Relies on Visionael NRM to Meet Customers’ High Expectations

pdficon_sm2 IT Outsourcer/Automobile Industry – PDF: 64.3KB

IT Outsourcer Uses Visionael NRM to Quickly Gain Control of Automobile Manufacturer’s Worldwide Network

pdficon_sm2 Leading Telecommunications Outsourcer– PDF: 51.2KB

Leading Telecommunications Outsourcer Reduces New Customer Time-to-Profitability with Visionael NRM