Service Providers

The Visionael OSS Suite offers solutions to reduce business, financial and technical risks for carriers, service providers and cable operators.

OSS Simplified:

The Visionael OSS Suite is designed for cost-effective deployment by operators and systems integrators. Visionael OSS provides an alternative to traditional costly, time consuming solutions and is a significant improvement over manual management methods.

Easy to learn, your teams can be productive in weeks not months. Integration to other systems like CRM or Order Entry is simple with our flexible Enterprise Service Bus – a set of public APIs. Fast time to value delivered. The Visionael OSS Suite is a proven solution in use by operators around the world.

White Paper:

pdficon_sm Hitting a Home Run with Triple-Play– PDF: 138KB

For service providers and cable operators, “triple-play” service — the delivery of combined IP video, voice and data over a single network — promises to present extraordinary opportunity, as well as heated competition for subscribers. Networks will soon be taxed with geometric increases in traffic, and an accelerated demand for new services will require the automation of many aspects of the service delivery value chain. Automation is simply not possible without an updated, transparent view of available resources. The ability for the inventory system to import data quickly, discover assets and incorporate an automated capability to true-up deployments increases the likelihood that providers can move quickly to capture markets. Visionael’s years of experience working with telecommunications carriers enables us to be the end-to-end repository-based technology for OSS automation.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduce new equipment deployment time and cost
  • Reduce capital over investment and prevent under investment by building to demand
  • Recover and re-deploy stranded assets; current, accurate knowledge of network resources: average 30-60% industry wide; with Visionael: 99+% in documented current deployments
  • Correlation of Visionael NRM with fault management systems reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) by up to 40%, enabling service levels that support new value-added services including IP-VPNs and hosted solutions; ISP-style services and voice over IP

Case Studies:

pdficon_sm Cable Operator Company– PDF: 51.2KB

Major Cable Operator Transparently Absorbs Acquired Assets Using Visionael Network Resource Manager

pdficon_sm South American Web Hosting Provider – PDF: 51.0KB

South American Web Hosting Provider Improves Its Network Management and Control with Visionael NRM