Benefits of eTOM service

Now led by the TeleManagement Forum (TMF), the New Generation Operation Systems and Software (NGOSS) initiative is well underway. Best practices are being developed for the industry and standard methodologies for implementing them. The good news is that vendors will be able to respond with solutions to facilitate the industry migration to NGOSS. Both incumbent CSPs and upstart competitors will benefit.

At the heart of NGOSS, the TMF is developing a framework for standard processes in the CSP environment. The structure enables best practices for managing change and for fulfilling customer orders. eTOM or the enhanced Telecom Operations Map is a guidebook, the most widely used and accepted standard for business processes in the telecommunications industry. The eTOM describes the full scope of business processes required by a service provider and defines key elements and how they interact. eTOM describes both OSS and BSS best practices.

Any CSP looking to get ahead of changing market requirements — who wants to anticipate emerging customer needs, develop and deploy new services, and then manage these services most efficiently ongoing — will look to implementing eTOM’s set of best practices.

eTOM Best Practices Framework

eTOM Best Practices Framework

In the eTOM environment, the Visionael OSS Suite provides needed solutions for Infrastructure Management, Product Delivery, and Service Fulfillment. Through the Visionael OSS Suite, provisioning and activation of customer services can be fully automated, integrating disparate systems.

Visionael’s unique Meta-foundation automates processes in the order of priority to the business enabling a CSP to move at its own pace. Visionael OSS Suite, with its Integration Gateway, can be added alongside of current applications and processes — never requiring a “forklift upgrade.”