NFV and Visionael Virtual OSS are key OSS success factors.

As a participant in the ETSI ISG NFV, Visionael has been engaged in the process of understanding the requirements for enabling the deployment of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) within the service provider community. It is clear from these discussions that most of the current OSS systems available are not yet ready to support these efforts. We have listed the critical OSS success factors and provided an overview of how Visionael addresses them with our recently released Virtual OSS Suite.

Near real-time inventory

Requirement: It is increasingly important that the OSS system provides a near real-time view of the network so that changes can be immediately recognized and optimized in a more dynamic manner.

Visionael Virtual OSS

Visionael designed our OSS system to support the more dynamic representation of the network. We do this through our Network Communication Manager (NCM) module.

  • NCM – Collects network information directly from the Network Elements or from Element Management Systems (EMS) and updates the Visionael Network Mirror. The Network Mirror is the reflection of the network infrastructure.
  • Discoveries can be triggered by EMS systems so that information is updated based on changes to Network Elements for critical information and discoveries can be scheduled for those elements that change infrequently.
  • Information from the Visionael Network Mirror is automatically reconciled back into the Visionael Network Resource Manager (NRM) inventory system.
  • End to end provisioning of services with Visionael’s Service Manager are provisioned over top of this accurate and a near real time view of the network resources.

Ability to seamlessly Interface with Legacy Systems

Requirement: In order to enable NFV functionality it is imperative to interface with existing legacy OSS systems, databases and adjacent applications (BSS, CRM, etc.)

Visionael Virtual OSS

  • Visionael uses the Apache Service Mix ESB implementation to expose its APIs and to carry out integrations. Using the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), API’s may be exposed using a myriad of different transport protocols allowing legacy applications to integrate seamlessly.
  • Interfaces can be written towards external systems (both Legacy and New Generation systems) utilizing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) or in some cases with point to point integrations.
  • Visionael APIs are open, standards based and used both internally and externally to enable fast, trouble free integrations.

Data Warehouse & Analytics

Requirement: It is increasingly important that the OSS system, provide the analytic ability that enables more efficient and dependable network operations.

Visionael Virtual OSS

  • The Network Mirror repository is exposed as an open data warehouse, without bounds to specific programming languages, APIs or transport protocols.
  • Data stored in the data warehouse is de-normalized and optimized for reporting and exchange of information.
  • The repository exists for current & historical information for 1. Inventory resources – Visionael NRM, 2. Discovered information – NCM discovery (Network Mirror) and 3. Services – Visionael Service Manager.
  • Snapshots are taken on regular intervals or are triggered by pre-specified events.
  • Fully published data warehouse schema facilitates interfaces to external reporting & other software systems.

Managing Virtual and Non-Virtual Services Concurrently

Requirement: It is imperative for the OSS system to seamlessly manage both virtualized and non-virtualized infrastructure and services

Visionael Virtual OSS

  • Visionael’s open and extensible architecture allows for easy representation of both virtual and physical infrastructure and services.
  • Virtual associations can be made across multiple physical devices.
  • Flexibility exists to model the evolving virtual ecosystem as it develops.

Adaptability: Managing in the Cloud Environment

Requirement: It is increasingly important that the OSS system be able to support the emerging cloud environments

Visionael Virtual OSS

  • The Visionael OSS Suite can be deployed within a private cloud.
  • The open API nature of our product architecture enables Visionael to seamlessly support OpenStack and the emerging protocols.

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