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  • Activation Manager
    What is an Activation Manager? The Activation Manager is primarily responsible for two distinct areas: marketing initiatives and evaluation of promotional and brand performance. This article will briefly delineate the differences in the two. Functions of the Marketing Activation Manager The Marketing activation manager is accountable for advertising and marketing campaigns as well as carrying […]
  • Actuators
    An actuator is a vehicle for changing energy into motion. It is normally employed to administer a force on an item. Actuators generate continuous (linear), oscillator, and also rotational movement depending upon how they are created. Different classifications of actuators in the Internet of Things (IoT): They are classified by various origins of power needed […]
  • Broadband Technology
    Term Definition of Broadband Technology Broadband is a broad bandwidth data transmission having the capacity to concurrently transmit numerous signals as well as website traffic types. This technology is either coax , fiber optics, radio transmission or twisted pair. Due to the fact that a large band of frequencies offered, info is multiplexed in addition […]
  • Capacity Management
    Term definition of Capacity Management regarding Information Technology Capacity management is a procedure employed to control information technology (IT). Its main objective is to guarantee that IT resources are correct enough to meet existing and potential business needs in a cost efficient manner. One particular typical interpretation of this type of management is explained in […]
  • Cloud Computing vs Cloud Storage
    What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a kind of Internet based technology which supplies shared computer processing assets as well as information to personal computers along with electonic devices on demand. It is a prototype for allowing omni-present, on-demand entry to a shared pool of configurable computing assets . These resources can be quickly […]
  • Data Integration
    What is data integration? Data integration is the mixture of technical and enterprise processes employed to combine information and data from distinct origins into relevant and useful info. A comprehensive data integration process delivers trusted results from an assortment of sources. Data integration entails combining information residing in diverse sources and supplying customers with a […]
  • Enhanced Telecom Operations Map – eTOM
    Term definition of the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map eTOM is defined as Enhanced Telecom Operations Map. The business process structure is an operating design framework for telecommunications companies in the telecom sector. This version explains the basic business service operations of service companies, but also specifies key components and how they need to be engaged. This […]
  • Information Technology (IT)
    What is Information Technology? Information technology (IT) is the function of computers to store, examine, obtain, transfer, and move data, or details, frequently in the relation to a company or another venture. IT is thought to be a part of information and communications technology (ICT). The term is frequently utilized as a synonym for computers […]
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)
    What is a Network Operations Center, NOC? A network operations center (NOC) is a location that administrators monitor, manage and sustain a telecommunications network. Big businesses with massive networks in addition to huge network support providers usually have a network operations center. It consists of an area containing images of the networks which are getting […]
  • Open Source Software
    The phrase “open source” refers to anything individuals can modify and share because its layout is publicly available. Historical Facts About Open Source Software Open source software is computer software with source code that anybody can examine, modify, and improve. In the infancy of computers, programmers and developers both used computer applications to understand from […]
  • Operational Support System
    What is an Operational Support System? The definition of an operational support system is a group of applications which support communications services suppliers keep track of, manage, evaluate and control a phone or pc network. As the standard voice phone systems combines with packet-oriented net traffic including VoIP, broadband applications like tele-conferencing and DSL, sophisticated […]
  • Operational Support Systems (OSS) Fulfillment?
    This short article delves in to the functions of the operational support systems and business support systems in today’s ever changing marketplace. Both play an important role in the telecommunications industry’s evolution as well as in the role of technology. What are Operational Support Systems? Operational support systems are software programs and sometimes computer hardware […]
  • Professional Services
    Professional Services industry defined Professional services is defined as utilizing the IT consulting business that a firm or product developer supplies to support clients design and style, initiate and handle technologies that included both ventures projects and methodology. On the one end of the schematic, IT services epitomize the high technology sector’s experts. As opposed […]
  • RFID
    Term definition of RFID RFID refers to Radio-Frequency Identification. The phrase is attributed to refers to minute electronic devices which are made up of miniature chip and a receiver. The chip normally is able to carry 2k bytes or less of information and data The Radio-Frequency Identification device accomplishes the identical objective as either the […]
  • Router
    Term definition of a Router A router is a networking device which transmits data packets among computer networks. They execute the visitors command instructions on the internet. A data packet is generally advanced from a single router to an additional one by way of the networks. This makes-up the inter-network before it reaches its destination […]
  • Smart Sensors
    The Internet of Things (IoT) couldn’t exist except for smart sensors. The expanding utilization of smart technology is currently changing how suppliers execute the IoT. Smart sensors additionally are providing enhanced connectivity in addition to data analysis analytics to the supply chain. This feature offers many examples regarding how and as well as why this […]
  • Time-to-Market
    Term definition of Time-to-Market Time-to-market is a phrase for the length of time between the initial concepts surrounding a product as well as its ultimate availability to eventual consumers. Business utilize the time-to-market statistics to assess how items are created in addition to how a particular task takes care of exterior competitors. It is a […]
  • Workflow Automation
    Term definition of Workflow Automation Workflow automation is a straightforward approach to integrate manual and paper-based programs usually containing unstructured duties involving individuals, systems, and articles. Workflow and Content Automation embodies the centralization of conventional workflow and content creation within a new class to assist the demands of a digital business. Strengthening processes is the […]